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The program assumes that it will talk to a character device file /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/0. The folder uploaded to defaults to "User 5" (numeric id 8). These can be specified via options -d and -f (-d will also take a bluetooth address of the form nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn)

You can also override the defaults using environment variables:
  X70_DEVICE=nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn export X70_DEVICE
  X70_FOLDER=n export X70_FOLDER

Mobile phones in my limited experience all tend to stack one protocol on another, so I strongly suspect if you have the USB cable for the phone you will be able to use the Linux generic usbserial module to set up a suitable character device.

At the time of writing basic program usage is as follows:

x70talk info gives phone battery and signal status
x70talk set-time sets phone time and date from system time and date
NOTE: set the environment variable X70_SETTIME to "Y" and this will happen automatically each time you run the program.
x70talk list lists all user files
x70talk get NNNN download file with id NNNN
x70talk delete NNNN delete file with id NNNN
x70talk put FILE     upload FILE to "User 5" folder
x70talk read list all phonebook entries (or one with --entry)
x70talk write NAME write phonebook entry with first name NAME (at --entry).
you can delete entries by using a NAME of ""
x70talk import FILE overwrite phonebook entries by contents of FILE
NOTE: use same format as "read" produces
CAUTION: almost validation is done
CAUTION: id's in file are ignored. Destructively overwrites starting at entry 1
You may want to start with clear-all-phonebook-entries
x70talk clear-all-phonebook-entries empty the phonebook (typically before an import)
CAUTION: very destructive

Sometimes the phone will not respond first time through; as of version 0.0.6 the program should be much more reliable, however, as it tries to reinitialise the connection. Occasionally an earlier error will leave data on the wire which confuses the program. In both cases the solution is generally to try the command again, which should resolve the problem. See Troubleshooting.

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